She is not just a doctor but a great friend you can lean on who is available whenever you need her. I consulted her in my most anxious time and felt better in one session, she makes a person lean on self than drugs. Though my treatment was meant to be for three months, I started getting off in just two months. Her NLP techniques are brilliant. She is not commercial and gives all the time one needs. She really really cares for her patients and has everything invested in making them better, I can go on and on cause she is just so wonderful. Glad I found her!!! – Ankita

I was having several emotional breakdowns in a day because of depression which is when I decided to see a doctor.. Very fortunate to have her as my doctor, she’s very calm and listens to you till you have completely channeled out all the negativity.. And then makes you do some exercises, the whole process is healing and right after the first session, I could find a noticeable improvement in myself.. Within two months of the treatment, I can say that I am more healthy. The best part is, unlike other therapists, she doesn’t prescribe medication unless it’s very necessary, and that too in low doses. I always look forward to meet her and I come out happy every time I see her.. Thank you so much doctor 🙂 – Priyanka

I feel lucky that i have Dr. Kavita as my doctor. Earlier I had been apprehensive about going to private psychiatrist as i had believed they just load you up with medications. But with Dr. Kavita its completely different. She actually cares for her patients and gives attention to all your queries and (worries). You go to a psychiatrist when you are not in a good phase in your life and needs to be heard. Dr. Kavita gives ample time to listen to you and many times even just that helps a lot. I would highly recommend Dr. Kavita and i would say this to any one in need of a psychiatrist that you can trust her for help and you would be in good hands. – Himanshu

Doc is really good when it comes to examining her patients. She will sit and listen to your story and give you advice on how to deal with issues. I have been going to her for almost 2 months and I have already feeling much better than when I started. I have had more control over my mental health and the comforting she provides telling you that you will be okay, is all you really need to know. – Akshay

Dr. Sagarkar is absolutely amazing! She not only helped me cope with exam stress but also instilled a firm and resonating positive attitude towards life in general. All in all she’s great help! – Harshvardhan Sharma

Visited For Depression Treatment. Doctor help us to cure my mother in law completely with minimal medication. Would extremely recommend to others – Bijal khara

She is a very good doctor and is very supportive. She has been consulting my sister who has schizophrenia for the past 6 yrs.now my sister is at a much better mental state. – Jyotsna Nair

I sought Dr Kavita Sagarkar’s help for treatment of depression, anxiety and panic attacks that I suffered post my husband’s demise. My experience with her was phenomenal. I was back to my normal self just after four sessions of counseling, mild medication and NLP exercises. I must especially mention here that her NLP techniques really worked wonders, despite the fact that I was initially skeptical about it. I will forever be indebted to you, doctor. – Dimple Verma
Not sure how to concisely express how good Dr Kavita has been for me. She has with just a few meetings addressed and reorganized many core concepts of my mind which has helped me to stand on firm ground with confidence.  The icing is the smiling and very positive ..lift u up feel she brings with her. I feel blessed to have found her! – Prerna
She is very friendly and seems as if I am knowing her for a long time and presented my disease to me and my parents in the best possible way, as smooth as it could be. The best part about her was she relies very less on medicines and more on explaining things to patient. I am really thankful to her. – Ayush Bhardwaj
She is an amazing person. I give her 5star for her approach, clearance of thoughts and articulation. I am better person from yest. I am different because she woke up different attributes in me. A friend more than a doctor. – Vrittee Parikh